Excellence Gateway

Discover even more resources by visiting the Excellence Gateway.

As you may have discovered already in exploring the Leadership Hub, the Excellence Gateway provides online access to an unrivalled breadth of resources for everyone working in the wider education and training sector in England, and a number of these resources are highlighted on the Leadership Thinking and Leadership Business pages of the Leadership Hub resources section.

All resources on the Excellence Gateway are tagged to enable easy searching for relevant materials, according to a range of:

  • curriculum areas
  • audiences
  • sub-sectors
  • resource types (guides, case studies, reports, teaching materials etc)
  • themes.

The range of themes against which you can search for materials is very broad and they are the same themes that which you can find in the courses section, thus enabling you to view a coherent range of both free and costed professional development opportunities and resources.

You can also visit a number of Collections bringing together information and materials on specific topics such as offender learning and English & Maths.

By registering you will be able to create, retain and add to your own collection of resources that you can come back to later.

Don't forget that in addition to the Leadership Hub and the Excellence Gateway, Foundation Online Learning (FOL) provides a wide range of online learning courses and activities to meet a range of development needs, or to supplement your learning through the Leadership Hub.