Leadership Competency Framework

Aim of the Leadership Competency Framework

The aim of the framework is to increase clarity around performance expectations and establish a clear link between individual and organisational performance.  It is seen as a vehicle for achieving high organisational performance by focusing and reviewing each individual’s capability and potential alongside helping with change management implementation.  The competencies for the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) Leadership Competency Framework were selected with the aim of:

  • evaluating performance more effectively
  • ensuring that leaders and managers demonstrate necessary expertise
  • identifying skill and competency gaps
  • providing more customised professional development opportunities
  • delivering change more efficiently
  • improved succession planning.

Download the framework.


The framework has two principle applications:

  • as a self-assessment tool (for personal development, reflection and executive education)
  • to support annual appraisals to highlight levels of excellence and development needs.

The competencies can be assessed in three different ways depending on the need of the individual and the organisation:

  • Self-assessment – individuals rate themselves against the competencies
  • Dual assessment – self and Line Manager
  • 360-degree assessment – self, Line Manager, peers and staff.

We encourage senior leaders and board members/chairs, to use this framework and send feedback to leadership@etfoundation.co.uk to help us develop the framework further. We will review its effectiveness at the end of 2019.