Meeting resources

The following items would be useful to discuss at a governing board meeting in relation to the GCSE maths and English agenda in education and training:

  1. GCSE maths and English policy changes and drivers

    The video resource would be a useful way to introduce these changes and the challenges that senior leaders face to increase capacity, ensure quality and achieve good qualification success rates.
  2. Questions governors/ trustees/ board members can ask senior leaders to scrutinise and support GCSE maths and English developments

    Challenge questions
    Challenge questions

    Download a PDF version of these questions here.

  3. Actions governing board members can take to help oversee/ scrutinise their organisation’s strategic approaches and performance in relation to GCSE maths and English (click on the image to read the suggested actions in a larger font)Challenge questionsThe case study about Hugh Baird College provides more ideas about how to work effectively as a governing board to support the GCSE maths and English agenda.