Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for a range of commonly asked questions relating to this programme. 

What is the aim of the portal?

The Portal seeks to be a one-stop-shop for leaders and aspiring leaders, managers and those involved in governance in the education and training sector, supporting all their development needs.

What is in the Portal?

The Portal includes information about development opportunities for leaders, aspiring leaders, managers and those involved in governance across the sector. These can be searched for in a variety of ways using filters.

The Portal incorporates the Leadership Network which supports mentoring, peer-to-peer support, as well as conversations and membership discussion fora. The Portal also has a Resources section and a Reflection section.

Do I need to register on the ELMAG Portal to use it?

Many of the features do not require you to register an account to start using it. Some features do require you to log-in, for example where you will be networking with other leaders or entering information of a personal nature.

What is the purpose of the Course Finder section?

The Course Finder allows you to search for leadership, management and governance development opportunities offered by a number of key organisations. This includes opportunities provided by the Education and Training Foundation under ELMAG.

What is the purpose of the Resources section?

This section contains a number of resources including articles and research to enhance your understanding of key leadership, management and governance issues. There are also links to resources housed on other sites that the Education and Training Foundation maintains.

What is the purpose of the Network section?

The Network section allows you to communicate with other leaders, join in discussions and access the Leadership Network itself to identify colleagues from the sector who have offered to support others. This could be by acting as mentors, coaching or work shadowing. It also allows you to offer mentoring, coaching or other forms of support to others. This section requires a log-in to allow you access to your personal profile and find others.