Quality Assurance

The Leadership Hub course section contains information about learning and development courses and training for leaders, managers and those involved in governance. Some the courses are funded by the Education and Training Foundation and some are not. Having both types of courses provides visitors with the greatest choice of learning and development opportunities in one place.

The information below provides information on the quality assurance process applied by the Foundation and what to do if you are not happy with the course you are on.

  • Foundation funded courses. These courses will have the Foundation's logo.
    This means that they are quality assured by the Foundation. Each course is likely to be visited by a Programme Assessor who will observe the delivery of the course and assess according to the Foundation's Quality Assurance process. Further detail on the Foundation's Quality Assurance Policy can be found at www.et-foundation.co.uk/our-board/quality/

  • The Foundation provides feedback to our delivery partners so that they can continuously improve their offer. Some courses may also have a 'mystery shop' visit by one of our ELMAG partners. Similarly, they will also provide feedback to the delivery partner. All participants on courses will be asked to complete a Foundation evaluation form in order to provide valuable feedback to the Foundation on the quality of their learning experience. Any complaints about any aspect of a Foundation funded course should be sent to leadership@etfoundation.co.uk

  • Non- Foundation funded courses. The Foundation accepts requests from other organisations to post their leadership, management and governance development opportunities on the portal. The Foundation, however, is not liable for the quality of that learning experience and so participants on those courses will need to take any complaints to the organisation running the course. The Foundation will receive information via email about non-Foundation courses so that it can take action if appropriate. Emails should be sent to leadership@efoundation.co.uk

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