Welcome to the Resources section of ELMAG. This is designed to supplement and support your professional practice and development by providing you with easy access to online resources on a range of topics relevant to leadership and management in the further education and training sector.

This section can:

  • Help you quickly find information and guidance on key leadership topics
  • Assist you in researching and exploring issues
  • Support your personal learning and CPD, whether you are a self-learner or looking to further and embed the learning from an ELMAG course.

If you have completed an online programme through Foundation Online Learning (FOL), then in this section you can find resources to supplement, deepen or embed that learning. Equally if you have not visited FOL you may be able to find something there that will meet your needs if you are looking for more structured learning. You will need to use an existing login to FOL or create a new one.

The resources section can therefore complement and support your learning and reflection through ELMAG as well as helping to develop your knowledge and understanding of key issues. Through it you can access and benefit from the breadth of resources on the Excellence Gateway for governors, leaders and managers at all levels, including reports, guidance, effective practice, CPD resources and other materials.

There are three main areas within the resources section:

Leadership Thinking: highlighting hot topics in sector leadership, new resources, and news including latest publications and reports.

Leadership Business: signposting you to relevant resources on a number of key themes and issues in sector leadership

Leadership Learning: helping you to find resources, indexed to the Leadership Framework, to support your professional and personal development, including CPD materials and effective practice

How each section is structured

  • Within each section a number of key topics or themes are presented (and in the case of the Leadership Learning section these are the attributes within the Leadership Framework).
  • Under each topic or theme there are links to key or sample resources, and in many cases there is also a custom search facility which will take you to a list (in a new window) of further resources on the Excellence Gateway relating to that topic, which you can then refine further using the menu that appears to the right of the results.
  • Depending on what you are looking for, you may wish to review the recommended resources first and then go on to search for more resources using the custom search facility.